923052_10151565700839303_1524122356_nHow old can a photo be before it’s not okay to use anymore? Think about it… get back to me. Either way, that’s me!

I am a literary adventurer and I’ve spent my life exploring different worlds. Now, it’s my immediate desire to take you all on an adventure of my own design.

My favorite stories are Harry Potter (obviously), The Night Angel Trilogy, The Lightbringer Saga, The Red Rising series, The Kiesha’ra Series, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Lord of the Rings.

Fun Fact About Me: When I was seven I wasn’t a confident reader. I actually felt like I needed “Hooked on Phonics,” but my older brother and sister were reading the first couple Harry Potter books. I would listen to them explain the first book, in detail, to my mother, and I decided I wanted to join in the fun, so I pretended to read the first book (in about 30 minutes).

When they tested me to see if I had actually read the book, I could recall enough of what they had said about it already that I was able to convince them that I was some sort of speed reading prodigy. Sadly, they gave me the second book (which I had not heard any stories about yet) so my little charade was short-lived.

Surprisingly, this inspired me to actually READ the first book. Once I got rolling, I never stopped. So I guess Harry Potter was my gateway drug into the world of reading. Thanks J.K. Rowling! Now I’m a bookstore addict. NBD.

Sick of reading about me yet? Go read something else then.